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The Lifetime Value (LTV) of a new patient in the chiropractic field typically ranges between $1,000 to $3,000. This value represents more than just a single visit or treatment session; it encompasses the total revenue a chiropractor can expect to generate from a patient over the duration of their relationship. In this context, the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes even more crucial.

Given that the Cost Per Click (CPC) for chiropractic services can soar up to $25 in some areas, relying solely on paid advertising methods like PPC (Pay Per Click) can be financially demanding for many practices. SEO offers a more cost-effective solution by improving organic search visibility, thereby reducing dependence on costly paid advertising. Effective SEO strategies help in attracting a steady flow of potential patients through organic search.

It can be difficult for chiropractors to find the time and knowledge necessary to properly market their practices. You’re an expert in the chiropractic field, not digital marketing. This frequently results in unmeasured outcomes and unfocused marketing campaigns, which makes it challenging to draw in and keep customers. Here’s where Swift Rankings come into play.

We bridge the knowledge gap between your skill in chiropractic treatment and our expertise in digital marketing. We are not simply another digital marketing agency. The particular requirements of chiropractic clinics were taken into consideration when creating our 12-Step SEO Strategy. We customize our services to meet the particular needs and objectives of your practice since we are aware that a one-size-fits-all strategy is ineffective.

With our extensive background in the medical field, we are able to support practices much like yours in expanding and prospering. Our customized chiropractic SEO services are focused on providing on driving Traffic, then Sales. Getting visitors to your website is important, but so is bringing in the correct type of traffic: prospective clients who are actively looking for chiropractic care.

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Vickie Shipp
Vickie Shipp
If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend Emerson and SwiftRankings for any SEO work! Using an Engineering approach, along with extensive Programming experience and impressive research with proven results, their work is exceptional.
john cutrell
john cutrell
The team tripled our clicks, and doubled our online sales in just three months! We are so happy they got recommended to us - Give them a call to have similar results for your company!
Tom Mostellar
Tom Mostellar
Great experience working with this talented team!
James Harris
James Harris
SwiftRankings took my business from struggling to thriving. Kudos to this team for turning my business around! Can’t recommend enough.

How Much Money Could You Make?

Lets use Charleston, SC as an example to show you how much money is out there for chiropractors in Charleston, SC. According to Google Keyword Planner, 3000+ people are searching for “Charleston sc chiropractor” and related commercial keywords each month. The table below gives you a rough idea of how your business would perform at each position. 


Google RankingMonthly SearchesClick Through RateMonthly VisitsStandard Conversion RateNEW Clients/MonthClient Lifetime ValueNew Customer LTV/month12Month New Customer LTV
13000~30%~9005%45$2,000 $90,000 $1.08M
23000~17%~5105%25.5$2,000 $51,000 $612,000
33000~11%~3305%16.5$2,000 $33,000 $396,000
43000~8%~2405%12$2,000 $24,000 $288,000
53000~6%~1805%9$2,000 $18,000 $216,000
Total3000100%30005%150$2,000 $300,000 $3.60M

If you have a fast, easy, conversion rate optimized website and are #1 across the board for “Charleston chiropractor” related terms, adding $1,080,000 in LTV every twelve months is achievable. 

Monthly Searches: The number of monthly searches for “Charleston sc chiropractor” and related commercial keywords 

Click Through Rate: The average click-through rate for each position on google

Standard Conversion Rate: The percentage of website visitors that turn into customers (5% is a good conversion rate if you have a good website getting targeted searches i.e. “Charleston chiropractor”)

NEW Monthly Clients: The number of new monthly clients you could expect from position on google based on monthly search volume, ctr, and the standard conversion rate

Client Lifetime Value: The Lifetime Value of a new chiropractor patient (apply your own, this is actually lower than what google says)

New Customer LTV/Month: The Lifetime value of the new clients brought in each month from google organic search

12Month New Customer LTV/Month: The Lifetime value of the new clients brought in each month from google organic search every 12 months

**It is important to note that click through and conversion rates vary by city/industry. 5% conversion rate is achievable for targeted searches with a clean website that is easy to use and offers competitive pricing**

Who Is Currently Getting The Chiropractor Traffic In Charleston?​

baseurlCountTraffShareMonthly "Charleston Chiropractor" SearchesStandard Conversion RateProjected ConversionsPosition1Position2Position3Position4High PositionAverage PositionMedian PositionCityState
www.charlestonchiropracticcenter.com40%30005%0182221251821.521.5Mount PleasantSC
www.getpleasantlife.com40%30005%0211647221626.521.5Daniel IslandSC
www.drtycooper.com40%30005%017344227173030.5North CharlestonSC
www.parkcirclechiropractic.com40%30005%0372424342429.7529North CharlestonSC
www.thebodychiropractic.com30%30005%0433070403037.666666666666740North CharlestonSC
www.back2healthsc.com40%30005%0483752563748.2550Goose CreekSC
www.crevarchiropractic.com30%30005%0423851703843.666666666666742North CharlestonSC
www.thebridgechirosc.com30%30005%070484848484848North CharlestonSC
www.rakspecificchiropractic.com20%30005%038707042384040Mount PleasantSC
www.coastalspineandsportsc.com30%30005%0495358704953.333333333333353North CharlestonSC
www.timbennettchiro.com10%30005%070397070393939North CharlestonSC
www.foxchirocare.com10%30005%070707055555555North CharlestonSC

Here is a small section of the database to help you visualize which websites in Charleston are currently currently getting the volume for “Charleston chiropractor”, “chiropractor in Charleston”, “chiropractor in Charleston sc”, and “Charleston sc chiropractor”, their traffic share, average position, projected conversions, and more

Which chiropractor is winning the SEO game in Charleston, SC?

Westashleychiropractor.com or “JP Chiropractic” is currently crushing everyone with a clean sweep of the #1 positions for “Charleston chiropractor” related terms. Why do they deserve to be #1? Why are they getting 10-50x the commercial traffic that most chiropractors are getting? Are they that much better of a chiropractor??? I don’t think so. They are #1 because they have the best SEO

How Long Does it take to rank well?

This can vary widely based on your competition, budget, and time. If I am doing a lot of SEO on your website I typically start to see upward movement in the rankings after a week to a month. It could take 2 week or 3 months to get to the top 10. It could take a month of HEAVY seo to get into the top 5 or it could take 6 months. It could take 6 months to get to #1 or a year+. Every situation would be worth it in terms of client Lifetime $ Value added, with a very high ROI


Our Proven 12-Step Chiropractor SEO Method

At the core of our services, the comprehensive 12-Step SEO Method for chiropractors is crafted to not only elevate your online presence but also to significantly enhance patient acquisition. This approach combines the latest in SEO tactics with a deep understanding of the chiropractic industry’s unique needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Enhancing your website's layout, content, and user paths to maximize visitor engagement and increase the likelihood of converting visits into appointments

seo audit icon
SEO Audit

We start with a comprehensive audit, evaluating your digital footprint to identify key areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Website Optimization

We enhance your site for peak performance in search engines and user experience, focusing on navigational ease and engaging content.

keyword research icon
In-Depth Keyword Research

Through in-depth research, we identify the most effective keywords to target potential patients, ensuring your practice is easily found online.

local seo icon
Local SEO

Tailoring your website's content and keywords to rank higher in local search results, ensuring your chiropractic practice is the top choice for nearby patients.

Google My Business Profile Enhancement

Optimizing your Google Business Profile for greater visibility in local searches, with up-to-date information and engaging content to attract more patients.

user analysis icon
Detailed User Experience Analysis​

Analyzing and refining your site's design to ensure it's not only intuitive but also encourages visitor engagement and conversions.

local directory icon
Expansion into Local Business Directories

Enhancing your visibility and credibility by ensuring accurate and optimized listings in key local business directories.

review management icon
Online Reputation Management

Leveraging positive patient reviews across platforms to build trust and improve search rankings, while managing your online reputation.

content creation icon
Expert Content Creation

Developing engaging, informative content that resonates with your audience and establishes your expertise in chiropractic care.

ongoing seo analytics icon
Ongoing Tracking and Analytics

Continuously tracking your website's performance and refining your SEO strategy based on real-time data and market trends.

Extensive Link Building

Establishing a network of high-quality, relevant links to boost your website's authority and search engine rankings, enhancing your online credibility.

An Inside Peek At our Chiropractor Backlink Building

The Ultimate Chiropractor Website Database

In-Depth Analysis of Over 10,000 Chiropractic Professional Websites
  • Industry-Wide Link Gap Analys:
    • We go beyond the usual link-building tactics. Our process involves dissecting 10,000+ competitors’ backlink strategies to find where you can leap ahead. It’s about crafting a link profile that not only boosts your SEO ranking but sets you apart as a credible authority in the chiropractor field.
  • Untapped Keyword Potential:
    • Our in-depth studies have identified an abundance of underutilized keywords. While many chiropractors target the same set of popular keywords, our database shows a range of high-potential, low-competition keywords that are often overlooked. By targeting these keywords, we can tap in to additional targeted customers and conversions.
  • Technical SEO Shortcomings:
    • A common gap we’ve noticed is in the technical SEO area. Many chiropractic sites lack optimization for mobile responsiveness, page speed, and secure navigation. Addressing these technical aspects in your site will not only improve user experience but also boost your search engine performance.
  • Content Strategy Gaps:
    • Our comprehensive analysis has revealed that many chiropractic websites have content gaps, particularly in areas like patient education, detailed service explanations, and community engagement. By creating content that fills these gaps, we position your practice as a comprehensive source for chiropractic knowledge and services.
Reverse Engineering Success
  • Competitive Edge:
    • Leveraging the database, we understand precisely what strategies lead to high search engine rankings and can tailor your SEO approach to not just join the race but lead the pack. We apply these insights directly to your SEO campaign, ensuring every move is calculated for success.
  • Tailored Tactics:
    • Our comprehensive analysis provides a foundation for customized SEO maneuvers that no one else has. From hyper-localized campaigns to broad-reaching educational content, we arm you with the specifics to fine-tune your approach for each segment of your target market.
Ultimate Goal
  • Dominating Digital:
    • The endgame is clear: leveraging our extensive database to catapult your chiropractic practice to the forefront of the search engine. The core of our strategy is clear and straightforward: to substantially increase your practice’s profitability. By aligning our SEO tactics with proven success patterns in the industry, we aim to convert your enhanced online presence into a powerful revenue-generating tool.
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Increase Your Visibility and Attract New Patients

Our custom Charleston SEO services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your business, providing a personalized approach to online visibility and growth. Whether your business is small or large, our team of SEO professionals can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals

Link Building

We utilize our network of high DA websites to enhance your online presence. By strategically placing your business on these platforms, we improve your site’s authority and drive organic traffic

Content Creation

Our team crafts engaging, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience. This approach not only captivates your readers but also bolsters your search engine rankings.

Local Targeting

We specialize in local SEO tactics like targeted keywords, Google My Business optimization, and local backlinks. Our content is tailored to your community, making your business a local standout.

Seo Optimization

Our strategy includes on-page optimization, comprehensive keyword research, and technical SEO enhancements. These techniques are designed to elevate your website's search engine ranking effectively.

Increase your sales

Boost Your Website Traffic!

Our commitment is to unlock the full potential of your online presence. Let us steer your chiropractic practice towards the traffic and attention it truly deserves. With our expertise, watch as your website becomes a hub for potential patients, leading to increased appointments and revenue growth.

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