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When a new customer comes to a marina, they usually bring a lot of business, not just once but over time. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is super important for marinas.

Advertising for marina services can get pricey, especially if you’re paying for each click in online ads. SEO is a cheaper way to get noticed. It helps your marina show up when people search online, without spending too much on ads. Good SEO means more people find your marina naturally.

Running a marina takes a lot of work, and you might not have time to also be an expert in online marketing. That’s where we, Swift Rankings, come in. We know digital marketing well, and we understand what marinas need. We’ve got a special 12-Step SEO Plan just for marinas. We don’t do one-size-fits-all; we make plans that fit your marina perfectly.

Our team has lots of experience in different fields, including marinas. We help places like yours grow. Our SEO for marinas focuses on getting the right people to visit your website – folks who are looking for a marina. Getting visitors is great, but getting the right visitors is what really matters.

How Many People Are Searching Google for Marinas in Your Location?

Lets use Charleston, SC (one of the hottest marina markets in the country) as an example to show you how much money is out there for marinas located there. According to Google Keyword Planner, 8,000+ people are searching for “charleston marinas” and related commercial keywords each month. The table below illustrates the seasonality of people looking for marinas, historically peaking in June/July at 14k+ monthly searches, and falling to 5-7k monthly searches in November/December. 


charleston marinas google search

How Much Money Could Your Marina Make with Good SEO?

** It is important to note that click through and conversion rates vary by city/industry. 2% conversion rate is achievable for targeted searches with a clean website that is easy to use and offers competitive pricing **

Google RankingMonthly SearchesClick Through RateMonthly VisitsStandard Conversion RateNEW Slips Rented/MonthAverage Monthly Slip PriceNew Slip Rental Revenue/MonthYearly New Slip RentalsCustomer Lifetime ValueNew Customer LTV/monthNew Customer LTV/year
18000~30%~24000.0248.0 $ 1,500 $ 72,000 576.0 $ 4,000 $ 192,000 $ 2,304,000
28000~17%~13600.0227.2 $ 1,500 $ 40,800 326.4 $ 4,000 $ 108,800 $ 1,305,600
38000~11%~8800.0217.6 $ 1,500 $ 26,400 211.2 $ 4,000 $ 70,400 $ 844,800
48000~8%~6400.0212.8 $ 1,500 $ 19,200 153.6 $ 4,000 $ 51,200 $ 614,400
58000~6%~4800.029.6 $ 1,500 $ 14,400 115.2 $ 4,000 $ 38,400 $ 460,800
Total80001~80000.02160.0 $ 1,500 $ 240,000 1920.0 $ 4,000 $ 640,000 $ 7,680,000

If you think the above chart is cool, good news! We have this and way more for every city in the United States with one or more marinas!

If you have a fast, easy, conversion rate optimized website that is #1 across the board for “Charleston marina” related terms, adding $72,000/new revenue per month is possible. 

Monthly Searches: The number of monthly Google searches for “Charleston Marinas” and related commercial keywords .

Click Through Rate: The average click-through rate for each position on google.

Monthly Visits: The number of monthly website visits you could expect from being ranked at this position for terms like “marinas in Charleston sc”.

Standard Conversion Rate: The percentage of website visitors that turn into customers (we used 2%, 5% is a good conversion rate if you have a good website getting targeted searches i.e. “marinas in Charleston”).

NEW Slips Rented/Month: The number of new slip rentals/month you could expect from this position on google based on monthly search volume, ctr, and the standard conversion rate.

Average Monthly Slip Price: The average monthly slip price (used $1500 per) 

New Slip Rental Revenue/Month: The monthly average revenue you could expect from the new rentals brought in each month from google organic search at each position.

Yearly New Slip Rentals: The total new slip rentals that a marina could expect from google search at this ranking.

Customer Lifetime Value: The Lifetime Value of a new boat slip renter. 

New Customer LTV/Month: The Lifetime value of the new clients brought in each month from google organic search 

New Customer LTV/Year: The Lifetime value of the new clients brought in every 12 months from google organic search 

Let's Put Your Slips To Work!

Who Is Currently Getting The marina Traffic In Charleston, SC?

baseurlCountTraffShareMonthly "charleston marinas" SearchesMonthly Traffic ReceivedStandard Conversion RateConversionsPosition1Position2Position3Position4High PositionAverage PositionMedian Position
Here is a small section of the database to help you visualize which websites in Charleston, SC are currently getting the volume for “charleston marina”, “marina in charleston”, “marinas in charleston sc”, and “charleston sc marina”, their traffic share, average position, projected conversions and more.
How Long Does it take to rank well?


This can vary widely based on your competition, budget, and time. If we are doing heavy SEO on your website we typically start to see upward movement in the rankings after a week to a month. It could take 2 week or 3 months to get to the top 10. It could take a month of HEAVY seo to get into the top 5 or it could take 6 months with a lesser package. It could take 3 months to get to #1 or a year+. Every situation would be worth it in terms of client Lifetime $ Value added, with a very high ROI

Our Proven 12-Step Marina SEO Method

We have a special 12-Step SEO Method for marinas that’s all about boosting your online visibility and bringing in more customers. This method mixes the latest SEO tricks with a deep understanding of what marinas need.

Dockwa Integration/Optimization

We integrate and optimize your marina's presence on Dockwa, This involves not just listing your marina but also fine-tuning the details to enhance visibility and appeal

seo audit icon
SEO Audit

We begin with a thorough check of your online presence. This helps us find what we can improve and where the best chances for growth are.

Website Optimization

We make your website run smoothly and look great. This means making it easy to use and filled with interesting info.

keyword research icon
In-Depth Keyword Research

We find the best words to use so people searching for marina services can find you easily online.

local seo icon
Local SEO

We tweak your website so it shows up higher in local search results. This way, people nearby will see your marina first.

Google My Business Profile Enhancement

We make your Google Business Profile better so more people see your marina when they search in your area.

user analysis icon
Detailed User Experience Analysis​

We look at how your website works and make it better, so it’s not just easy to use, but also gets visitors to book your services.

local directory icon
Expansion into Local Business Directories

We get your marina listed in important local directories, making you more visible and trusted in your area.

review management icon
Online Reputation Management

We help show off the great reviews from your customers and take care of your online reputation.

content creation icon
Expert Content Creation

We create cool, helpful content that makes people interested in what your marina offers.

ongoing seo analytics icon
Ongoing Tracking and Analytics

We keep an eye on how your website is doing and adjust our plan based on the latest info and trends.

Extensive Link Building

We build connections with other websites to make your site more popular and trustworthy in search engines.

An Inside Peek At our Marina Backlink Building

The Ultimate Marina Database for SEO

In-Depth Analysis of Over 9,000 Marina Websites
  • Industry-Wide Link Gap Analys:
    • Our method goes above and beyond traditional link-building techniques. We find opportunities for you to advance by examining the backlink techniques used by more than 9,000 competitors in the marina business. Our primary goal is to create a link profile that will improve your SEO ranking and position your site as an authoritative source.
  • Untapped Keyword Potential:
    • During our exhaustive investigation, we discovered an abundance of underutilized keywords. Many marinas compete for the same common keywords, but our database allowed us to uncover a plethora of high-potential, low-competition keywords. We can acquire more targeted traffic and conversions for your marina by targeting these.
  • Technical SEO Shortcomings:
    • We’ve noticed that many marina websites fall short in technical SEO factors including mobile friendliness, page load speed, and secure surfing. Improving these technological aspects can have a big impact on user experience and search engine ranking.
  • Content Strategy Gaps:
    • According to our findings, a number of marina websites lack comprehensive material in crucial areas such as sailing advice, clear service descriptions, and local community involvement. We promote your marina as a full-service resource for boating and marina services by producing content to fill these gaps.
Reverse Engineering Success
  • Competitive Edge:
    • By using our large database, we can find the tactics that lead to high search engine rankings. Not only do we make sure your SEO plan works, but we also make sure it helps you lead your market. This means using our ideas to improve your strategy and making sure that every step is well-thought-out to have the biggest effect.
  • Tailored Tactics:
    • Based on our in-depth research, we’ll make SEO plans that are just right for your marina. We give you targeted strategies to reach every part of your market, from localized ads to informational content that can be read by anyone.
Ultimate Goal
  • Dominating Digital:
    • Clearly, our ultimate goal is to use our huge database to boost your port to the top of search engines. The main idea behind our plan is simple: to make your marina much more profitable through SEO. By using strategies that have been shown to work in the past, we can turn your better online profile into a powerful tool for making money.
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Our custom seo services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your business, providing a personalized approach to online visibility and growth. Whether your business is small or large, our team of SEO professionals can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals

Link Building

We utilize our network of high DA websites to enhance your online presence. By strategically placing your business on these platforms, we improve your site’s authority and drive organic traffic

Content Creation

Our team crafts engaging, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience. This approach not only captivates your readers but also bolsters your search engine rankings.

Local Targeting

We specialize in local SEO tactics like targeted keywords, Google My Business optimization, and local backlinks. Our content is tailored to your community, making your business a local standout.

Seo Optimization

Our strategy includes on-page optimization, comprehensive keyword research, and technical SEO enhancements. These techniques are designed to elevate your website's search engine ranking effectively.

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Our commitment is to unlock the full potential of your online presence. Let us steer your marina towards the traffic and attention it truly deserves. With our expertise, watch as your website becomes a hub for potential renters, leading to increased slip bookings and revenue growth.

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